fireplace nazi

by lillythehtcat

deep throat popped in said..

well little buddy..the condoites are all stirred up again..

what now..

its going to get cold the 30s..and stay cold for the next few weeks..


and the fireplaces wont be turned on for three more weeks..


to save money..

but i thought..from the pool meeting..we were in good shape..the condo was wise..and we had new income from the phone tower..and after all..its the residents money we are talking about..i mean..even the renters pay..

yep..its built into the rent they pay..

and they were told..when they rented..they would have a fireplace..

right..everyone pays fees for upkeep and amenities like the fireplaces..

so..shouldnt the residents have a say..a say about having a fireplace when its freezing outside..

thats just it..its really not the money..its about control..


no fireplace for you orwell award..two awards in two days..what a board..

hey..lets not forget that little buddys butt is still going to be living outside when the temperature thinking heated pet pad..come on getting old..