new award

by lillythehtcat

deep throat tripped in said..

you know..i cant remember the last time you gave out an orwell award..i thought the new board..meeting in secret..would surely prompt an orwell award..

youre right..i ve been on the edge of posting one..but i keep having second thoughts..

how so..

well..when i came up with the orwell award it was to point out the maliciousness of those receiving the wanting to tow their neighbors cars..trying to trace my computer..stifling free speech..suing the association..but this new board..they just dont seem malicious..

more like inept.. i have decided on a new award..

are we keeping the orwell award..

oh yeah..when the acts have that malicious component of control..we will still issue the orwell award..but when its just plain comical bungling..we will issue..


tweedle dee tweedle dum award award for outstanding ineptness..

yep..and the first award goes to the 2012 – 2013 wonderland board of directors..

so the achievements that led to this..

4 meetings in 4 weeks..3 of which were in secret..

2 presidents in 2 weeks..

2 resignations..

no agendas..

creating 10 new committees..

assigning people to committees and not knowing their names..

cant figure out what to do about parking assignments..

except blaming the management company..

not following roberts rules..

calling minutes..notes

well..i guess the good news is..

with this level of ineptness..and 10 committees..absolutely nothing will get done..