a primer for the board

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came down..waving a sheet of paper..said..

well little buddy..looks like the ol blog is having an effect..

hows that..

take a look at this memo that went out the other day..

so the new board is finally fessing up that they have had three meetings..

no mention that they were unannounced..secret get togethers..

you know maybe we are being too hard on them..being on a condo board is difficult..lets give some direction..

1. if members of the board get together to do the business of the association..that is called a..

board meeting

2. if you have a board meeting..it should be announced..to the association..10 days..or so.. in advance..that is called..


3. when you plan a board meeting and announce it to the association..you should post an agenda..again..


4. when you conduct the board meeting you should follow..

roberts rules of order

you can find roberts rules by pulling up the google home page and typing in the search box..

r   o   b   e   r   t   s     r    u   l   e   s

and then press the google search button..it works the same as when you type in..naked cheerleaders..

5. when you record what happens at the board meeting..roberts rules will also tell you how to do this..the record is not called notes..its called..


minutes should be approved..for accuracy.. by the board..in a timely manner.

6. residents should be allowed to attend the board meeting..and be able to speak at an appropriate time..see roberts rules..this is again called..


and it also promotes a spirit of..


7. if you have agreed to be on the board..you need to participate..and the board needs to schedule meetings so board members can be there..they should also schedule them when residents may attend..not when they are all off at work or something..thats just de facto secrecy..

now im sure we will need some future lessons..maybe a little remedial work once in a while..but heres the thing..

its a small time condo board..

not..by golly..

rocket science