wonderland update

by lillythehtcat

i got an email from a condoite asking why i have been so quiet..why no news about the new board..and frankly..i had to say i havent heard much lately..so i got a hold of deep throat and asked for an update on the new board..here is dts report..

first of all the new board has met twice since being elected..

whoa..i only knew about the first meeting..

no..they have met twice..unannounced..no posted notice..no email to the association..no published agenda..

so..they are meeting in secret..

yep..remember the pool..quote..this board will be transparent..

i guess it depends on your definition of transparent..

oh..and after that exchange of comments on your blog..apparently the president resigned from being president..

got out of the kitchen did he..

wuss..oh and the parking updates..

nothing has happened out here..ive been waiting for this melee..

looks like they are going to be ignored..got to continue rewarding the favorites and discriminating..

sooner or later arent they going to have to meet in the open..face everybody..

you would think so..im sure there will be a lot of questions by then..

so this is the board that is going to bring unity..peace and love…