felix and me

by lillythehtcat

deep throat comes by late yesterday and says..

hey..did you watch the guy jump out of the balloon..at 24 miles above the earth..

yeah..felix..i watched the web broadcast on the ol dell..

he broke the sound barrier..went super sonic..

he had a super duper space suit on..and a parachute..

ok..what are you getting at..

well..felix voluntarily jumped..there was like two dozen people..in a control room..watching and saying..you can do it felix..you have a guardian angel..there were cameras gallore..helicopters..suvs..heck..i bet there was a net hidden somewhere..

and you are jealous because…

look..a couple of months ago i was lying on a branch in that big pine tree at the end of the parking lot..i was waiting for the nice lady to come home from work..because she always feeds me before going in..

well..i must have fallen asleep..because next thing you know im free falling..like felix..i mean..felix stepped off into space with half the world cheering..i did it in my sleep..woke up in a free fall..spinning around like ol felix..and ill assure you..somewhere in the process i went super sonic..

and you know what..


no control room..no web cast..no tv..no helicopters or suvs..no cheering crowds..

no one has ever broken the sound barrier falling out of a pine tree..


and further more..other than being on the funny video show..no one cares about a cat falling out of a tree..

you mean if i had been on camera..like felix..i could have made a bundle..

depends on the landing..

look..we have to get some cameras..felix probably has a few to spare now that hes done hogging the spot light..im going to be rich and famous..

oh good lord..you are amazing..

i know..


do you think hes related to felix the cat..