under the bus

by lillythehtcat

deep throat shuffled in..

whoa..you look rough..

up all night..thunderstorms..

there were thunderstorms last night….

see thats the problem..you live in the condo..youre insulated from reality…speaking of which..whats going on with the new board..

you are the shakespeare lover..this is getting better than macbeth and hamlet combined..

really..what happened..

well..you were dead wrong about who would replace the old board members who resigned after the election..


yeah..my information is a little sketchy at this point..but they did not ask the plaintiffs to join the board..

wow..what happened..

well..when someone close to the board over reacted to your blog..in the comments.. last week..the old board sent out a letter asking the new board to make nice and basically not blame them for the plaintiffs actions.

i saw the letter..it went to everyone..

so the new board was put between a rock and a hard place..they were having trouble replacing the resignees..didnt dare ask the plaintiffs..if they are going to be healers they cant afford to throw the past boards under the bus..heres where things are unclear..

keep going..

well it looks like they have recruited two new members..not the plaintiffs..i think the new people have also put pressure on them..not to involve the plaintiffs..and to play nice..

so we have reasonable people on the board now..

well..seems so..although i am hearing there is some internal problems..schisms..seems the officers have not been decided on..

but they announced those a couple of weeks ago..

yep..but now people are getting cold feet..dont want the responsibility..

why did they run for the board..

who knows..

criminy..its a small time condo board..how hard can this be..

exactly..so here is what to watch for..after the new guys decide who is going to do what..they have to address the letter from the old boards..and somebody is going under the bus..either the plaintiffs….or the old board..who according to the letter..has already been vindicated by the associations attorney..

whoa..let the games begin..

dont say it..

light up the luge..