building bridges

by lillythehtcat

sooo..deep throat came by and said..

youve been awfully quiet lately..whats up.. accused me of being a pot stirrer..egging things on..about the new board and their lack of past few days.. ive been doing what cats do..

peeing where you shouldnt..


thats what i thought..anyway..did you see the letter asking the new board to affirm the actions of the past boards..

you mean throw the plaintiffs under the proverbial bus..

well..end the divisiveness in the a bridge..all go forward together..


stop it..this is what stirs crap up..your smart-alec commentaries..

theyre know like my by-line says..

anyway..this is a great opportunity to put things to rest..i mean what could the old boards do if their actions were confirmed..they would have to embrace the new would be a brilliant move..

not going to happen..the plaintiffs own this board..

im not so sure..i think the new board members are free thinkers..their own people..

all three of them..they dont even have a complete board yet..and when they can bet..


so when are they going to meet…im ready for the show.

dont sure they are still trying to figure out whats going on…

its a condo board..whats to figure out..

well..think of it this way..if they arent meeting..they arent screwin things up..

good one dt..youre not as dumb as you look…… kicked me..