no mas

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came by said..

well..the new board has had their first meeting..chose officers..

did you go.. wasnt announced..

you mean they had a secret meeting..

seems so..

wow..out at the pool meeting..i kept hearing..this new board is going to be totally transparent.. much for that..

and one of the existing board members tendered her resignation..

yep..said..enough is mas..

whoa..but i have a news flash..ol wize one..

whats that..

the other existing board member……………………………..resigned..


you got it..a totally new past continuity..a vote confidence..

so who will replace them..the new board gets to pick replacements without an election..

can you say..plaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnntiiiiiiiiifffffffs…

no way..

just because they didnt have the to run..doesnt mean they wont be on this board..after all..they engineered this its time for their payback..

im not sure im buying this..

you know what happens when you doubt me..oh and heres another good one..they didnt elect a treasurer..which is…

the most important job..


better tell the management guy to lock the vault.. more pool debacle would bankrupt us..

so i guess we are a house divided..

and so it goes..