the controllers begin

by lillythehtcat

so deep throat says..

it has started..

whats that..

the controllers are courting the board..or in-house board member..


well..they got her elected..elevated her to a spot on the beloved board..time to extract their payback..

whoa..this is like dealing with the mob..

you could say that..they are very cunning..and power hungry..

you know..i dont get it..this is a 39 unit condominium..and they are expending all this control the board..for what..

you know their law suit is public knowledge in the community..

arent they hurting property values..let alone making the current residents not want to live here..

oh yeah..i have heard two different residents..within the last week..say they wished they lived somewhere else..

wow..thats sad..i think this is a good place.. is..with the exception of a few who are so mentally unbalanced..that they are ruining it for everyone..

if they are so unhappy..why dont they move..

good question..they are mentally ill..therefore they dont see reason..they are not rational people..they are in a word……..


oh..and the new parking assignments..they were removed from the bulletin board..

who would do that..

we all know..

so the in-house board member..

we will see..

start the resignation pool..

the clock is ticking..