the brunt

by lillythehtcat

deep throat clamored in..said..

well you look rough..whats up..

i was up all night reading patts book..

was it any good..guess so if you read all night..can i read it next..


so..when is this new board going to meet..i am anxious to see what is so special about them..

well tweedle dee and tweedle dum arent even in town..


tweedle dee lives somewhere else..hes here about 1 night every six weeks or so and tweedle dum has been living out west..right now he is supposedly fly fishing..

fishing for flies..that sounds tedious..the hooks must be really small..

no..hes fly fishing..

thats what i sounds like something he would do..think he will catch anything..


anyway..we have one new board member on site and the watcher is already wearing her out..chasing her with a honey-do list..

the watcher..

yeah you know..the lobby monitor..

oh right..

we ought to start a condo pool on how long our new in-house board member lasts..

before she resigns..

or has a break down..

good idea..since tweedle dee and tweedle dum are always gone..she is going to get the brunt of the controllers..

yeah she just walked into a buzz saw..

a pool sounds long did the last one make it..

lets see..about 7 or 8 months..of a three year term..

so we have some time to formally organize this and come up with an appropriate least i hope she makes it that long..

poor thing..

yeah..gonna be singing..

sometimes i feel..

oh oh oooooh..

sometimes i feeeeeeeeeeel..

like ive been tied..

to the whippin post..


to the whippin post..

you are no greg allman..

oooh sometimes i….

hey..whats a brunt..

its what you are going to get if you keep interrupting my singing..