sweetest cat ive never met

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came by..with a big envelope under his arm..just shaking his head..

you got it didnt you..my book came..

i really thought you were putting me on..how on earth did you win a contest and win a prize..

we have been through this..i am brilliant..and intuitive..

well here it is..open it..lets take a look..

woo-hoo..i own a book..hey look inside..

     for lily..the smartest..sweetest cat ive never met..enjoy-patt

smartest..oh yeah..now we are talkin..

i dont recall anyone ever refering to you as sweet..im glad she followed up with..cat i never met..because if she ever met you..

jealllllllllloussssssss…when was the last time you won anything..

i have a little league trophy..

its for participation..isnt it..

why am i arguing with you..im happy you won the book and happy patt wrote something nice to you..although shes obviously been out in the sun too much..

youre treading on thin ice here..dont make me bite you in the leg again..

you know..i think i know why patt reads our blog..

the sun..owwwwww..you bit me..

i warned you..anyway..i think she reads the blog because we are the only ones that live in a crazier place than she does..

you may have a point….you dont have a band aid do you..

what would a sweet cat be doing with a band aid…anyway lets give her a plug..


i love this lady..

im bleeding..

flesh wound..man up..