wonderland returns

by lillythehtcat

deep throat trudged in..

well little buddy..the controllers took back the board..

you mean the queen of hearts and gopo really got elected..they had the balls to run..and won..

well no..they ran surrogates..

what..no balls..

no balls..

figures..who ran..

tweedle dee and tweedlee dum..

wow..how did this happen..

seems they have been collecting proxies for months..

was that legal..

yeah..legal..maybe not kosher..but legal..anyway..

it was a mission..the witches were on fire..so to speak..

did the proxy givers know what they were up to..

no way..they even conned a polyanna into thinking the proxies were for her..and she helped em out..

how embarassing..

so..our blog..

yeah..we are golden..we will have more material than hairs on your…

hold on..

anyway..you need to be careful..they will put a fatwah out on you..you may have to go into the witness protection program..

ill be like anne frank or something..

or something..anyway let the games begin..

the games……will there be luge..

sweet lord..will you never learn..

luge of fire baby..luge of fire..