killer queen

by lillythehtcat

i have been debating what to put on the blog today..the day of the annual meeting..the day of reckoning..and since i think..from my astute observation..and deep throats reconnaissance..that the queen of hearts will be elected to the board..even after she and gopo sued all of you..

well..its time to honor that kind of ballsieness..and what better way than the video that got me in so much trouble during my email era..oh crap heres deep throat..

youre going to do what..

play the video..

do you remember how much trouble you got in..

oh yeah..the controllers virtually shut down my emails..tried to hunt me a rabid dog..still havent forgiven them for that..but hey..then we got this cool blog thingy and now people around the world know about the condo..soon to again be called wonderland..the controllers..and all the insanity that goes on here..

you know we have been viewed in 32 countries..who knew there were that many places..and ive made friends around the world who yuk it up about this long as the controllers dont run off my buddy and morning meal ticket..this could be a fun year..

the orwell award..

oh yeah..we will be giving them out like pop corn.. is what caused all the trouble..

we are going to be sued..arent we..

yep..probably just the first of many this year..