dinner theater

by lillythehtcat

hey deep throat..check this out..

what is it..

what do you mean..what is it..its cat armor..im going to order some and have it delivered to your place..

whoa..remember the problems with delivering stuff to me..

havent you buddied up to the post guy yet..

look..why do you need armor..

for the annual meeting tomorrow..i dont want to get hurt..

what makes you think you are going to get hurt..

are you kidding..where have you been the past week..its all people are talking about..there are a bunch of angry people in that building and it looks like its going to come to a head at the meeting..

maybe you shouldnt go..

are you out of your mind..do you know how much food is going to be there..its going to be like dinner theater..

dinner theater..

yeah free eats and a show..

in armor..

cant be too careful..if the plaintiffs and controllers win out ill be the first one they come after..

i dont think youre going to be very fleet of foot with armor on..you might want to think about how you are going to make a quick exit..

so no armor..

probably not the best idea..

you might want to see if they will give a refund on your credit card…