i read the news today oh boy

by lillythehtcat

deep throat popped in..

what are you so worked up about..

here..read this news story..

Sep 23, 7:34 AM EDT


GARDNER, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts woman says her cat went to the veterinarian for a flea bath and was mistakenly euthanized instead.

this is how it will happen isnt it..the palintiffs and controllers take control of the board..and the first thing that has to happen..in any revolution..is the take over of the press..here at the condo that would be me..but im on the internet..and they havent been able to find the ol dell..or my connection..the blog cant continue to exist..because i threatened to unleash the hounds of hell on them..

sooo..whats the answer..the same as its always been..kill lill..

look dt..you cant let them get away with this..you know i dont have a flea on me..you cant let them take me to the vet..you have to promise..because i wont come back..

these heartless narcissists only care about their personal power and their self righteousness..they are godless..and they are out to get me..

i bet the cat that got whacked in gardner..mass..had a blog..those people up there put the hit job on him..that could  be me..

ok..look..the plaintiffs arent in control yet..youre getting too excited..

right…gee did you see lilly scratch her butt..i bet she has fleas..lets get her dipped…

in sulfuric acid..

i can feel it coming..

they are going to put the whack job on me..

and then..

they are coming for you..