lady karma

by lillythehtcat

hey deep throat..i just heard that the plaintiffs are really going to run for the board..

yeah..thats the buzz in the condo..

they are really gonna do it..


well..they certainly have balls..

you could say that..

after suing the association..all the residents..they now want their votes..

guess they are that self righteous..or think we are all stupid..

youre not the brightest bunch..

well..they better put their big boy pants on..


yeah..the rumble in the condo is..if elected..they will get a dose of their own medicine..plenty of people still angry with them for suing everyone..costing the association money..people are unhappy with the constant harassment of the board..this is going to get ugly quick..

so put the lawyer on stand-by..

yep..might as well invite him to the meeting..

its why i use to call the place wonderland..they live in their own little fantasy reality..

so..back to wonderland..

looks like it..cant believe they arent any smarter than this..

oh…they are the smartest in the building..just ask..

so..they just think..that they will get elected and live happily ever after..everyone will welcome them with open arms…….

they have no they..

like i said some time ago…karma is a bitch.