heavy lifting

by lillythehtcat

deep throat..what in the name of heaven is that contraption in the parking lot..

its a crane..

what does it do..

it lifts stuff..its here to put in the at and t tower..

what..are they going to lift the building..that is the biggest thing on wheels ive ever seen..

i guess its heavy..

ya think..that thing could lift ol..

dont go there..remember..lawsuits..

let the old fart sue me..whats he gonna get..my food bowl..hey when my book comes we need to hide it..i dont want the plaintiffs getting my book..

did you see mahatma sent out another letter..

yeah..put a hard hat on him..he wussed..

what do you mean..

he should have said..hey the queen of hearts and gopo are going to run for the board..

these are the people that sued the condo..

cost us all that money for their foolishness..and if elected they will get to see your private stuff..the stuff they were denied in the law suit..i wonder what they want with that..

ask mahatma..

and gopo will take away your amenities to save money..he will have everyone rubbing nickels together to make dimes..and rules..itll be 1984 all over again..he will tow your car away..tell you how long you can stand in the shower..make you wash your clothes with cold water..want to come into your unit and inspect your plumbing..speaking of rules..

it should be against the rules to run for the same board you sued..

doesnt make sense..they are obsessed with power..on a condo board..guess it makes up for other short comings..but there is good news..

whats that..

my blog will flourish..plenty of material..its going to be great fun..i havent handed out a big brother award in quite awhile..

and i can tell gopo about..

law suit..

oh yeah the attorney is going to make a lot of money next year..hope the condo has a big legal budget..


and its strange..so strange..

must be the season of the witch..