the rain hoax

by lillythehtcat

deep throat..youre messin with me again arent you..

what do you mean..

i mean you put up that crime scene tape in the parking lot to get me all excited..

theres not going to be a cell phone there.. pretty sure we are getting the tower.. come nothing happened yesterday..

it was raining..


well..people dont work in the rain..


they just dont..

i dont understand..

they dont want to get wet..

youre kidding..


i live outside..rain or shine..freezing or hotter than a monkeys butt..when it rains i get wet..and you know what..

here it comes..what..

my food the rain..the kibbles..well..i pretend its gravy..


yeah..heres a brain storm..put my dish on the lower level where its dry..

uh.. about i turn the hose on you next time you sit down to eat..

doesnt sound like much fun does it..i not ungrateful..there are people who take good care of me..but these wussy construction guys didnt come to work in the know what..


i bet if they really show up..theyre wearing hard hats..wusses..

youre messin with me..i know it..


by the hot is a monkeys butt..

you dont want to know..