the scene of the crime

by lillythehtcat

hey deep throat..whoa..whoa..

why so excited little friend..

the yellow csi tape in the parking lot..did someone get murdered..

oh finally happened..didnt it..someone murdered ol…

calm down no one has been murdered..

but the murder tape is up…i didnt hear any gun was a stabbing..wasnt there blood all over the place..dont tell getting woozy..ill get a subpoena..ill end up looking like a buffoon on kato kaelin..

i dont have blood on me do i..

crap..there isnt a bloody glove out by the dumpster is there..

is the body still inside..

im getting woozy again..

settle down little one has been crime.. whats with the csi tape..

the parking lot is closed to put up the at and t tower..

nooooooooooo……..the death ray..

carcinogenic electrons..i thought that was all a joke..i mean..they have been talking about it for cant be serious..i thought it was another excuse for a party..which i was all for by the way..and we have to close the whole parking big is this thing..its going to be aimed down..right at me..isnt it..this is the controllers idea isnt it..some kind of privacy invading surveillance device disguised as a cell phone thingy..its going to track my every movement..locate the site of the dellmo..theyll shut down my to room 101..ill be lobotomized..

good grief..youre on fire..what have you been eating..

well..part of a starling..kibbles..some left-over tuna in a can someone left for me..a dumpster mouse..a couple of moths..more kibbles..pool water..a few bug thingies..something salty that was under the table at the pool..part of a chippy i had saved..some pizza scraps i found..a fat…. getting woozy..

can i get you some pool water..