another winner

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came down today..just shaking his head..

whats up dt..what are you shaking your head about..


me.. on earth did you ever win a contest and get a prize..

i thought we covered superior intellect and innate intuition..

youre unbelievable..

well thank you..

while you are waiting for your book to be delivered to my door..thank you very much..we need to pay attention to the know i think we are on the verge of returning to wonderland.. more peace and love..

yeah..the natives are getting restless..

whats happening..

minor stuff..someone tried to rip one of the stink boxes off the wall..the malcontent emails have started again..the anonymously posted gripe letters..letters written by sycophants..the faceless attack..

whoa..thats despicable..

reminds me of an old chinese proverb..

which is..

a man must make himself despicable before he is despised by others.

looks like we have another winner..

should we issue a prize..