by lillythehtcat

hey deep throat..hey..hey..

what are you yelling about..

i won a contest..

you won what..

a contest..i won a prize..

what contest did you win..

fantasy faucet…

ok..little lil..slow down and explain this..

well..i follow a blog called bananas and prunes..


uh huh..and the nice lady that writes the blog..patt..ran a contest called fantasy faucet..and i won..

what..did she pull a name out of a hat..was it rigged..

oh no…ye of little faith..this took cunning intellect..intuition..and a certain degree of higher math..and out of what i am sure were thousands of entries…..i..the little genius you take for granted..won..oh the cat..

so what did you win..

a book..patt..the blog lady..also is an author..and she is sending me an autographed copy of her book..

you don’t have an address..

see how you underestimate me..that was the easy part..i gave her your address..

you did what.. keep an eye anxious to get started on it..

so when the book shows up at my door..everyone will know who i am..

huh..better make friends with the postal guy..anyway..i think im going to start a know cool walnut book shelves with one of those roll around ladders..and a leather chair and maybe a small fridge i can put cheesy bits in.

you live in the parking have no possessions..except the computer you fished out of the dumpster..and the book thats on its way to my address..where are you gonna build a library..

well..since my gift shop at the shrine doesnt look like its going to take off..i could use that space we were going to use for the gift shop..we should be able to build in this picture..


yeah..hey you know what you could get me for christmas..

besides the wheel barrow full of gourmet food you asked for last year.. addition to hold up my book..until we build the library..


im a genius..i won a contest..hey go look for your self..

and be sure to say hi to patt while you are there..