by lillythehtcat

deep throat..

whoa little buddy..the blues..really..

uh huh..

because the cookout got rained out..

uh huh..


and no one brought me a plate or three..including you..

it was raining..

and you would melt..

would it help if..


i brought you some chicken..

really..chicken or chickens..

chicken..and a few cheesy bits..

does anyone else know about this..


good..dont tell anyone..ive got em all feeling sorry for me..i bet there are goodies being prepared..for we speak..

so you didnt have the blues..

well…..of course i did..out there in the rain..looking in..

nobody knows the trouble ive seen

nobody knows my sorrow

nobody knows the trouble ive seen


the churchy ladies really know how to know..all those bazaar things and bake sales..look you try a steady diet of dry kibbles..

if you get there before i do

tell all a-my friends im a-comin to heaven

youre completely shameless..

im a-comin to heaven…on an empty stomach..hear that condoites..empty..