the blues

by lillythehtcat

well once again the planets lined up against me..the bbq was held indoors and this morning i woke up finding myself completely surrounded by.. no dessert..nothing..yep..out of sight..out of mind…oh yeah..just sit the rain.. and watch the festivities..through closed doors..oh i got my usual dry kibbles..not that im unthankful..but come on there werent a few chicken scraps..a couple of wedges of home made cheese cake or brownies..

does nobody in this condo read this blog..i mean i have a fan base who probably have tears in their eyes reading this..jeez..this place is hopeless..i mean i have a sweet lady.. in god knows where..saving me chicken..deep throat didnt even come by..

I’m gonna buy me a ticket now,as far as I can,
Ain’t a never coming back.
got me a south bound, all the way to Georgia,
till the train a run outt’a track.

got the blues..heres the rest of the song..gonna go eat worms..