bbq rainout

by lillythehtcat

im getting more and more concerned about this bbq monday..the willy nilly way people have planned this thing and their irrational fear of a little rain..makes me think this thing is going to end up indoors.  deep throat says..

if its inside im sure you will get taken care of..

how sure..

pretty sure..

look if i dont get some goodies there is going to be going to start getting critical with this blog..

what about peace and love..

i mean it..the gloves are coming off around here..

you dont wear gloves..

its a metaphor..

it would be a lot better metaphor if you could actually wear gloves..

youre killing me..i am trying to say that if people arent going to take care of cute little going to play hard ball with the condo..

you cant play hard have paws.. dolt..

youre the dolt..your metaphors dont make sense..youre a cat..

ok..see if this works..

if i dont get some decent handouts from the condo bbq..i am going to pee in the condos collective sand box..

we have a sand box..where…..

youre doing this on purpose arent you..


uh huh..well lets say i start with your car vent..


are we getting clearer about my bbq expectations..

im getting the picture.. sure dessert is part of that picture.