cookout postponed

by lillythehtcat

whoa..deep throat says its going to rain like the golly dickens today and sunday..shows what dt knows..looks fine out here to me..anyway the bbq chicken cookout has been postponed until monday..look im out out..rain or shine..what a fair weather bunch i have to count on..i mean come on..we are talking bbq chicken here..with awesome sides..and dessert..ive been in training for the last week ..and youre going to let a little rain interfere…

deep throat popped in..

whats up..

im bummed out about the cookout being put off until monday..

oh yeah..worse yet..i think they will move it inside if its raining on monday..


if it goes inside..i get nibbles for the cute spilled goodies..nothing..

dt..are you going if its inside..


so even if its will go.. sure i will..

so……if its inside…you could bring me a plate.. sure i probably could..

probably..this is a yes or no proposition..

if some one sees me bringing you a plate ..then they will know im deep throat..


well..ill be in as much trouble as one will give me any inside info you have any idea what the controllers would do to me..remember winston smith..

youre overreacting..youre supposed to be dont have to leave with a plate of food announcing..dont mind just taking the blogging cat some slick..say..whoa..lets not let food go to waste..ill take some home..then you slip it out to me.. already feeling the heat about your announcement that there isnt going to be an annual meeting or election this year..

just tell em its for the common good..sell that peace and love thing..

back to that are you.. heres what i have in mind..


and dont forget dessert

you cant eat all that..

dont go there..just dont forget me..


2 more days..