original sin

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came down with that agitated look again..

where were you yesterday..i thought you would come back so we could finish our conversation about sin..

lets see i got a drink out of the pool..sat by the fire hydrant and watched for chippies..checked the first floor patio units for food…went around back and inspected the at and t construction..sat on a car out front in the sun..made a loop around the dumpster looking for mice and came back looking for you..where were you..i thought you were going to wait for me..

2 hours..

was it that long..huh..

you keep avoiding the conversation about your sinfulness..

what are you running..an intervention..for sin..i believe that condo you live in qualifies as a glass house..anyway cats arent sinful..we are amoral..

what..you arent amoral..

sure i am..cats do what comes naturally..no right or wrong..

so..when you threatened to pee in the fresh air intake of someones car..that just came naturally..all cats do that..


and when you were trying to scam the federal government for funding for your shrine scheme..thats something all cats do..


and all cats are planning on running a gift shop..

all this talk about cats makes me think of an old lovin spoonful song..nashville cats..ohhh…

here we go again..


nashville cats, play clean as country water
nashville cats, play wild as mountain dew
nashville cats, been playin’ since they’s babies
nashville cats, get work before they’re two

well, there’s thirteen hundred and fifty two
guitar pickers in nashville
and they can pick more notes than the number of ants
on a tennessee anthill
yeah, there’s thirteen hundred and fifty two
guitar cases in nashville
and anyone that unpacks his guitar can play
twice as better than I will

youre kidding..right…

what..who doesnt like john sebastian..

and the record man said every one is a yellow sun
record from nashville
and up north there ain’t nobody buys ’em
and i said, but i will

hey..i never asked..are you from up north..

whats that got to do with anything..

you are obsessed with sin..

what has being from up north..not that i am..got to do with sin..

its like original sin..


when yankees come down south..and enjoy the finer ways of southern life..they start to feel guilty that their forefathers invaded this garden of eden..you know tried to screw it all up…like original sin and the garden..

good grief..im going back up to the condo..

take your carpet-bag with you..