by lillythehtcat

deep throat skulked back in..

we have a failure to communicate..

cool hand luke is on tmc..

im serious..

so am i..i love that movie..have you ever considered wearing those chrome-lens aviator sun glasses..i bet youd look….

this is what i mean..everytime i start a conversation with wander off on some irrelevant tangent…

the sun glasses arent irrelevant..they set the tone..even define the character..he wouldnt look nearly so menacing without the sun glasses..

good lord..i wasnt talking about sun glasses..

cool hand luke..

no..for the love of pete..

what then..



yes you..

what about me..

your inability to communicate..


yes..i came down saturday..after you accused me of being envious  discuss your sins of pride and gluttony..and you ended up singing please..please..please by james brown..that was not a logical progression of the conversation..

what..i am the watermark of if we ended up singing please..please..please..then it had to be a logical progression..i rest my case..i dont know why you even try to argue with me..

my point exactly..your sin of pride prevents you from a normal we werent singing were..

i have no idea what the problem is didnt bring anything to eat did feeling a little snackish..

youre hungry..

a tad..a few cheesy bits would be good..

look if you are going to hang sins around my an albatross..then we need to be fair and talk about your sinfulness as well..

whoa..rime of the ancient mariner..good one dt..

God save thee, ancient Mariner
From the fiends, that plague thee thus
Why look’st thou so ? – With my cross-bow
I shot the ALBATROSS.

Ah. well a-day. what evil looks
Had I from old and young
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.

lets stay on topic..your sinfulness..

cant discuss the ancient mariner..

dont think so..

i need to go to the pool and get a drink of water..

are you coming back..

unless i see a chippie..or something else to still hungry..