by lillythehtcat

so deep throat comes down and says..

read your blog yesterday and while im glad you love me for facilitating your sin of gluttony..after accusing me of envy..i am more concerned with your sin of pride..girl friend. read my blog..



 well..i read what you said about me being envious..and..well it seems that you..are guilty of the sin of pride..

whoa..whoa just a humble little condo cat..

couldnt be cuter if you were sitting in a little red wagon..cuter than cute..brilliant..should be called renowned..genius..really..

and what part of all that is not true..

i rest my case..condo sphinx..and whats about the sin of gluttony..

look at and trim..

doesnt matter..youd sell your soul for a cheesy bit..

soul….huh…you mean biblical soul or james brown soul..i loved james brown..did you ever see the please please please bit where they put the cape on him..and hed throw it off and keep singing..ive got to see if there is a video of that..oh yeah..sing it jimmy..


this is hopeless..

i just realized i was born too late.. i could have been james browns cat..and you want to talk about my dont know dover sole from james browns soul..

whoa..whoa..please..please..please..theres going to be a bbq chicken cookout at the pool..whoa..whoa..please..please..please..

please..can you find another informant..

nooooo..ohhh..ohh..whoa..i love you so..

im outa here..