by lillythehtcat

i have been thinking why deep throat has been maliciously messing with me.. first egging me on about the luge in the summer olympics and now making me believe i am going to be horribly mutated to the point of dying a slow agonizing death..im getting queasy again..because of the cell tower thingy going up on the roof.  i think i have come to the almost certain conclusion that deep throat is envious..i mean..after all..i have this world renowned blog..with fans and subscribers..i am cuter than cute..and dt is the unidentified informant..remember..woodward and bernstein got pulitzers and then when they made the movie..they didnt even show deep throats face.

so deep throat is envious of my success..i hope dt realizes that envy is one of the seven deadly sins..deadly because sooner or later i am probably going to..

oh crap here comes dt..

hey little queen of tin foil..i have good news..

you have something terminal..

you know..you need to lighten up..enjoy life..you take things too seriously..are you losing weight..

dont start on me..you are on thin ice around here..

there you go..mixing winter metaphors into a summer time discussion..this is how you got all bungled up with the luge thing..

why dont you just shoot me..it would be more humane..so whats the good news..

theres a notice up for a barbecue chicken cookout at the pool..a week from saturday..

barbecue chicken..at the pool..

i love you..