reynolds wrap

by lillythehtcat

yesterday i told deep throat to go get a boat load of reynolds wrap..i have only a short time to protect myself from the continuous stream of death rays which will be emitted from the cell phone tower being installed on the condo roof..the condo formerly known as wonderland.  i mean..i am going to have to fashion some sort of protective tin foil wear to protect me..did you see the picture of that poor cat yesterday..poor guy got zapped by data loaded electron streams and now look at him..that could be me.. getting queasy again. is what deep throat brought back..

good god..i said reynolds wrap..not reynolds oven bags..deep throat said..

well i knew it was reynolds something..wont this do..

do you even know what these are for..


uh.. uh crap..heres what they are for..

im trying to keep from being a cancerous mutant let alone cooked and you bring me cooking bags..sweet lord in heaven..

deep throat says..

speaking of know what you can do with tin foil..

the foil i asked you to get for protect me from the mutant i dont become a freak of nature..this should be good..what…

you can build a death ray oven..

it focuses the rays to a central sit there and in just a few seconds..zap youre toast..crispy critter..

youre messin with me arent you..this is like the luge in the summer olympics isnt it..