time for tin foil hats

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came by said..

did you see the at and t guys are out back starting work on the tower thats going on the roof..

great..just great..im just days away from having death rays raining down on me..streams of data loaded electrons spilling off the roof..not like there isnt enough danger out here..now im going to be zapped.

oh stop it..its just a cell tower..you know for cell phones..

and we need cell phones for what reason..

to communicate..what century were you born in..

well..as you know..i dont have a cell phone and im just fine..

maybe if you were living in the 21st century you might have known the luge was a winter event and not in the summer olympics..

maybe if my condo informant wasnt such a smart-ass i would have been better informed..anyway..this cell tower is sure to cause mutations..this blog thingy is hard enough to write without growing extra toes..ill get cancer or ebola or something else dreadful.

well at least now we can plan our tin foil hat party..

party..at the pool..

im sure we can schedule something while the weather is still nice..

you know i love pool parties..make sure everyone brings lots of food..ill sit around and look cute and get handouts plus spillage..

is that all you think about..eating..

its an important part of my life..sooooo..can we speed this tower thing up and get on with the party..you know this may be a good chance for you to redeem yourself and help me with my hat..you know the opposing digit problem i have..

redeem myself..really..

sure come on big guy..itll be fun..

big guy..