forgiveness and committees

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came by said..

i read your blog on forgiveness or unforgiveness..and well………

im sorry about the whole luge thing and the summer olympics..but you have to admit it was pretty funny..

no..i havent seen the humor..i looked like a diminished my blog..readers in 25 countries are yukking it up over the dumb cat.. sorry..i brought you some condo news.. mean you are really sorry..crap..and i will have to be old testament vengeance..crap..this is not what i had planned..can i take just one good bite out of you..

come on little buddy..

can you stop with the little a sophisticated brilliant cat..with a blog mind you..

lets not make this any harder than it already is..

ok..ok..what have you got..

well last year..everyone complained that the previous board didnt form committees…sooo..last year at the pool all the complainers sat around and formed committees…annnnnnd..after almost a is a progress report..

art committee -met for the first time two days ago..ill have to get an update on this..but we still have the same art as a year ago.

hospitality committee – new residents were never greeted..never given condo rules or directory..treated like crap.

parking committee – after numerous residents without assigned parking places..long time residents without proper spaces..and a general break down of civility..parking has been turned over to the management company who is updating the list.

by-laws committee – disbanded prior to ever meeting.

rules committee – worked their butts off..but no changes.

cost saving committee – disbanded prior to ever meeting.

so in essence..everyone got their beloved committees..but after almost a year absolutely nothing has been accomplished by  the current board was smart enough to turn a lot of this stuff over to the management company..a novel idea since they get paid to do it anyway.

so this year..when it comes time for the ol annual meeting..and the complaining..whining..and piking about taking a look back.

i mean..if you want nothing to get done..set up a bunch of new committees..and sit back and relax..its ok with me..i like it around here.

im glad deep throat remembers all this stuff..oh crap..did i say that..