by lillythehtcat

alright this is that predictable blog where im suppose to forgive deep throat and get on with the business of the condo..formerly known as wonderland.  i saw the following on the web thingy..

get just fine..i dont need to get well..what a load of crap..and move where i like it here..if anyone should move it should be..wait..i have a list..this is the problem..we have too many people putting this new age feel good kind of crap all over the computer trying to make those of us..that are normal..feel guilty about wanting too choke the living crap out of some one who has maliciously wronged us.  what ever happened to a good old

elizabeth 1 and mary..queen of scots..good ol elizabeth had sweet mary we are talking..or..

the capulets and montagues..that one ended well now didnt it..

what ever happened to vengeance..oh lilly..the preacher said you must forgive..remember matthew 5..well how about remembering psalm 94..1..

O Lord, God of vengeance, O God of vengeance, shine forth!

well now how about me a psalmist..because i am fixing to shine forth all over deep throat..and if i end up riding the luge of fire..well fine..i am sure i will look pretty awesome with flames shooting out my backside..i wonder if its like the time i ate the day old poolside pepper cheese..anyway..i dont want to hear any kumbaya self-righteous pollyanna crap about foregiveness..not in the mood..not ready..

but lilly..what about peace and love..youve been preaching that for months.. someone actually reading these blogs..are you saving the damn things..well fine..i still believe in peace and love..after ive had a peace of deep throats hide..i mean..egging me on about the luge in the summer olympics..for 2 weeks..yeah..ill have a peace of that..