olympic finale

by lillythehtcat

i cant believe i am going to write a wrap up to the olympics after the humiliation of the luge incident and deep throats betrayal..letting me..encouraging me..to write about the luge for 2 weeks of summer olympics..i mean how was i to know there were 2 olympics..summer and winter.  i can hardly see straight thinking about that judas..and now i am faced with the dilemma of actually having to forgive the……

anyway..always look on the bright side of life..chin up..on with the blog..

the last event i saw..

rhythmic gymnastics-oh come on..this is a sport..

maybe if you set the ribbons on fire…who paid for a seat to this event..

closing ceremony-one word..


my favorite of the entire 2 weeks..

bean..you rock

i dont understand why they didnt have that old guy sing hey judas like he did for the opening..

would be a perfect wrap up for my blog..

deep throat just peeked around the corner..

am i forgiven yet..

no…leave me alone..

luge of fire little buddy..luge of fire..

get out..you judas.