the luge

by lillythehtcat

so what the heck happened to the luge coverage..nbc and that little lecherous  plastic announcer aired a hundred and some odd hours of womens beach volleyball and no luge.  i didnt see any boxing either..just salacious coverage of anything with pretty women in it..any one see womens shot put..heck no.

oh here comes deep throat..

whats goin on little buddy..what are you so worked up about..

no luge coverage..thats what im worked up about..

well my little genius..brilliant friend..the luge is a winter sport..not in the summer luge.



ive been waiting for the luge for 2 weeks and there is no luge..nooooooooo..

not only have been writing about the luge for 2 who is the moron..

ive got readers who depend on my brilliant commentary and observations.. you let me do even egged this on..oh you are so going to pay..

i suppose you are going to bite me in the leg again.. going to gnaw it off this time..

not going to wearing shin soccer.

this winter..when you turn the heat on in your car..


tell me if it doesnt smell like cat p…………

you couldnt..

oh yeah..that vent thingy in front of your windshield…straight to the heater..

no.. better start planning your apology to my loyal readers..theyll be demanding your hide..

you are the one that brought up the luge in the first place..

well you could have told me..but let me write about it for 2 excruciatingly long weeks benedict when do the winter games start..judas..

in about 2 years.

what…nooooooooooooo..thats a life a cat..i cant stand this..go back to the condo..and dont come back until you have a sincere apology or something really juicy about the controllers..go dig up some dirt on the upcoming board know there are others who will gladly be my trusted side kick..i may start taking applications..interviewing….you judas.