beach volleyball and condo news

by lillythehtcat

deep throat shuffled in..said..

im depressed..womens beach volleyball ended last night..

my sweet lord and hare we go again….

yep..over….the americans played the americans for the gold..


you would think the cable company would have a beach volleyball channel..24 hours of womens beach volleyball..after all they have a golf channel..who watches golf except old geezers who fall asleep in their chairs 15 seconds after they turn it on..i bet they wouldnt sleep through womens beach volleyball..

im sure their wives would just love your think they want them getting all excited over that stuff..theyd be having heart attacks before the first commercial break..

anyway..did you hear the lady that use to live here but doesnt live here anymore broke her hip..

what..slow down yogi..what lady..

you use to sleep at her place..

oh yeah..we use to play volleyball on her bikinis..

really.. moron……what happened to her…

i guess she was walking a big dog and it dragged her through the mud and dog poop breaking her hip..she had to have a partial hip replacement..we should do something nice for her..

we could shoot the dog..

you know im worried about her..when old people break a hip..well i hear they die..

she will be glad to hear this..and besides she isnt that old..

well i bet this hip thing is going to put a real dent in her extracurricular.. are in enough hot water already..

i still think we need to do something nice..

ok..we can shoot you and the dog..or better yet..i can just tell her your real name and let her shoot you..

you know the lady that rents on two and always comes to the pool had knee surgery..

does she wear a bikini..

good lord..why dont you go ask her sure he would be glad to answer that for you..

theyre newly weds arent they..

dont go know there is also a lady psychiatrist on two..maybe she would agree to put on a bikini when we give you shock therapy..

what..does it hurt..

no..ill put the bit in your mouth..maybe you can watch beach volleyball during the procedure.


now when does the luge come on…..