lillys olympic report-no. 5

by lillythehtcat

deep throat just came by..said..

you really getting into womens beach volleyball..

uh opposed to the womens shot put..

yeah..its..well..just more exciting..

uh huh..

so did you find the schedule for the luge..

no..its got to be some time this week..

but ive been watching a lot of other events..

trampoline-holy shit..i just bounced into outer have a problem..

steeplechase-lets get this train all your life..and this is the result..whooo-hoooo..sign me up.. train all your life still have problems putting on the shoes..

the little spikey things are on the outside..the little spikey things are on the to put the shoes on..the shoes are scary..

handball-ryu are so gonna remember me..and this ball..every time you look in the mirror..

judo-here may be the quote of the day..

The 23-year-old judoka from Westfield, N.J., said his positive test was “caused by my inadvertent consumption of food that I did not realize had been baked with marijuana” before he left for the Olympics.

you inadvertently ate marijuana brownies..oh yeah happens to me all the time..and  then i inadvertently wash them down with an opium slushy..

cyclingi dont care if they are your lucky bike shorts..either launder them..or im riding up front..

table tennis-im waiting anxiously for the luge and im watching this..

hey deep throat..go call that little short guy on the tv and see when nbc is going to show the luge..


the little guy with all the face know.. cant get his butt out of the armchair..he probably has never even seen a luge..crap..