lillys olympic 4

by lillythehtcat

after making some comments on a fellow bloggers blog about synchronized diving..a blogger called my observations brilliant..

do you here that..deep monkey minded dolt..brilliant..

yeah right..seen the luge yet..

must be next week..schedule will probably be in sundays paper..

you dont get the paper..genius..

well i see it..monkey butt..

uh now that you have the condo whipped up again..whats happening with the olympics mae west..still watching water polo..

oh yeah..anyway..

volleyball-if everyone is like 8 feet tall and just cramming the ball down everyone elses throat…raise the net…………………this is why im brilliant.

im not sure what this next sport is..but i could definitely watch you think you get style diving..or is it distance that counts..anyway..we need to see more of this..

beach volleyball dancers-what..hey deep throat..check this..

heres some olympic advice..if you win..dont jump up and down celebrating until the medal pops you in the nose..

in the south we have hollerin before one of you yankee types goes making a fool out of is some insight..

Hollerin’ is considered by some to be the earliest form of communication  between humans. It is a traditional form of communication used in rural areas before the days of telecommunications to convey long-distance messages.

i am ok with all this so far..but did they make this an olympic event..

or did someone poke her with an epee..

judo-mother of all that is holy..what is this about..

maybe if they were in bikinis like beach volleyball..

oh crap..deep throat just threw up..

hey..whos going to clean that up..

gotta go..