boiling frogs-blog 100

by lillythehtcat

im taking a break from my brilliant commentary of the olympics to publish my 100th blog..

i am probably more amazed by all this than instead of the olympics i thought it appropriate to write about those..the controllers..and their insatiable desire to..well..control..that led me to start this simple little blog in the first place.

so to all those who sought to silence me..formed the kill lill committee and intimidated those who continued to read my emails..


this endeavor has been great fun and i have made friends all over the world..

23 countries to

and to all those outside of the condo..formerly known as wonderland..who have read.. enjoyed..commented..and even followed..thanks..

so for blog 100 lets talk about what brought me here..the condo..

i was messing with a frog..the other day..ok..tormenting it..when deep throat comes along and says..

did you know if you put a frog in a pot of cold water..

and gradually raise the temperature..the frog wont notice the water warming to a boil until its too late and hes cooked.

sweet lord..where does deep throat come up with this stuff..who would do something like im sure its easy to get the frog into a pot of like to see dt..or anyone else..put me into a pot of water..a video of that would go viral in a not sure it could be done.

deep throat said..i bet mahatma could put you in..

well..he may be strong enough..but he will need a plastic surgeon when hes finished.

anyway..where was i with this..oh..the frog..dont you think there is some point in the process when the frog knows something isnt right..i know when a pot of water comes to a boil..there is that first bubble..dont you think the frog would at least say..huh..i wonder where that came from..whats going on here.

i overheard someone at the condo say..things are too quiet..somethings going on..

well..i think that someone is smarter than the frog..they just saw the first bubble..

dont get me still on the peace and love wagon..but i also happen to know..from my astute observations..and deep throats inside info..that the controllers have not changed their do you like that for a cat metaphor..they are actively courting their shadow candidates for the board..and then the old condo pot will once again boil.

so heres my question..will you be completely oblivious to that first..or second..or even third bubble..will you be like the frog..cooked and no wiser..or will you be like wily ol lilly..and stay out of the controllers pot.

take it from deep throat and i..we have seen the first bubble.