lillys olympic 3

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came by said..

whats with you and water have to sneak up on the pool to get a drink..

lets not go busy writing my olympic update..

the only reason you are watching water polo is because that tony clown looks like the cover to those romance novels you are always reading.

leave my tony out of this..

hey..did they run the luge yet..who won..

im still waiting havent seen it on the schedule yet..anyway heres my olympic update..

badminton-well..looks like we found out what was bad about the minton..

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) said it had expelled four women’s doubles pairs from the Chinese, South Korean and Indonesian teams after they had deliberately played to lose their matches in Tuesday’s evening session..

heres a thought for our president..if they cheat at badminton what makes you think they wont cheat on some treaty you have agreed to…like nuclear arms.

diving-back to my thoughts about heckling the divers to test their real concentration..

i still think this would make the sport more fun..

gymnastics-im about to leave this event alone..notice i didnt say sport..but i thought feet only did this in mad magazine..

synchronized spring board diving-do olympic people just sit around having cocktails and think up weird events..we need more cheating death events and less stuff that involves choreographers..

oh crap wing are going the wrong way..we are olympically screwed..

beach volleyball-deep throat weighed in on this before he left said..

look if we have to put up with you and this water polo freak you can at least give your male audience womens beach volleyball..

seriously..lets just have a bikini trampoline event..oh never mind that would involve choreography..but hey..if done right could be a cheat death event.

heres the problem with deep throat..his monkey mind is in control about 101 per cent of the time.

rowing-ever hear of evinrude..

sorry about my wake mate..

what time is it..crap..ive got to get some when is the luge…oooo..oooo..imagine tony on a luge..gotta sleep..