lillys olympic

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came around and said..

hey felix..did we win a medal yet in luge..

i havent seen it come on yet..i dont want to miss it..or water polo..

well keep me the way youre looking good..must be the water..

before i could mount a full frontal attack..deep throat quickly slipped out..i am so paying him back..patience..patience..anyway here is a review of what i have been watching on the olympics..

diving-like getting tired of skinny little girls with too much energy..they seem annoying..heres a thought..weight know..light weights right on up to heavy weights..seems like it would be more entertaining..and now ol bubba smith will perform a full-monty belly flop..

synchronized it me or do the divers look too much alike..i think there must be mirrors involved.

and why do you have to be quiet when they dive..wouldnt it be more exciting if you could sit behind the platform and yell and wave know like during a free throw in basketball..then we will see how much concentration they really have.

gymnastics..every time i watch this..whack-a-mole keeps popping into my head..sorry..

i think the gymnastics arena has the energy of a room full of poodles..

synchronized swimming…uh.. does a 16 year old girl crush a world record swimming faster than the men..must be the hair cut..

oh..and lillys tip of the day..

water polo sure to put water polo on your viewing schedule…lilly is not missing watching tony azevedo..usa..usa..toneeeeeey..