the pool

by lillythehtcat

ok people..what drained the baptismal..i mean pool..and now you are refilling somebody fess up..what was wrong..this isnt something done lightly..the penny pinchers are probably having some kind of stroke thinking about the cost of all that water.

but heres my concern..ive been drinking out of whats wrong with the water..did someone poop in the pool..its not ebola is it..oh crap..its going to die a slow painful death with blood shooting out of every orifice..

deep throat just came down…whats with the it ebola..just go ahead and shoot me if it is.
nope..i heard we had a chemical imbalance that has been building up all year and the only fix was to drain the water and start over.

chemical i going to lose my fur..go blind..get cancer..what do you mean chemical imbalance..

oh settle down jinx..just the other day you were drinking out of the fetid mosquito larva infested deer bowl..

mmmmppfff..hold on..i threw up in my mouth..

the chemicals in the pool are probably what saved know..

dont say still queasy…

hey some of the residents have been swimming in cant be too bad..

yeah..well they dont look all that great to me..i mean frankly..

look..take a deep breath..if you live the next 48 hours your probably in the clear..

what..what..48 gonna be sick again..

cool your just messin with you..

this is about me not letting you write the blog isnt it..

pay backs are hell arent they little hows your little monkey mind..