carry out

by lillythehtcat

at the risk of sounding like a bumpkin condo cat..i am always surprised and awed when someone chooses to subscribe to this blog.  the other day..we..hey this blog is about you people in the condo..formerly known as wonderland..picked up a follower in mysore..dont embarrass me..act like you know where it is..anyway my new blogger friend..vinay..wrote a review of a restaurant he had gone to..heres the link..


i promise you will drool when you read still cleaning up the keyboard.

now i warned vinay that i would not be able to resist talking about one of the dishes he specifically mentioned..oh here read for yourself..

The other starter which accompanied this was the crispy chicken balls which had their own part to play on the palate and the plate.

without knowing anymore than the above..i am quite sure i could live on crispy chicken balls..everything about that sounds delicious…wait..what if we got an order up and sent vinay the long do you thing it would take to get carry out..

i bet vinay could send a picture of would be a great screen saver for the ol dell.

deep throat just said..i didnt know chickens had..

for the love of pete..i am trying to put together a carry out order here..let alone a little detente..and dt wants to make common jokes..the problem with deep throat is his diet consists of pop tarts and vodka..and then he comes down here and wants to put in his 2 cents on a culinary review.

i have become officially obsessed with the thought of crispy chicken balls..

hey deep throat..get the car..road trip..we are going to mysore..

vinay..tell em to put on a couple of orders..we are on our way..