peace train or wagon

by lillythehtcat

now that the lord has shown me the to speak..more like life threatening back on the peace and love wagon.  deep throat says..dont you mean the peace train..heh..heh.

look..everyone should know by now that i love music..but i am not doing that silly..dated..peace train bit..i mean first the guy calls himself cat stevens and then changes his name to yusuf heres a man with identity problems.  first..nobody should call themselves cat..especially should be reserved for..well..cats.  i guess kat..with a know..short for katherine..but not cat.
deep throat about cat ballou.. we go again.. ballou was a great movie..jane fonda..before she got all political..and lee marvin..drunk as a monkey on a drunk thats award winning acting..not a movie made by a bunch of computer geeks.

where was i..dammit deep throat..i was writing about how im back on the peace and love wagon and you have me ending up on cat ballou..i dont know how you walk upright..


peace and love


oh peace train sounding louder
glide on the peace train…


make it stop..