writers block

by lillythehtcat

well..it finally happened..writers block..last week all i had to do was read the news or sit out at the pool..and i had something i was all whipped up about.

this week..zip..zero..nada….deep throat waltzed in this morning..been mia for 3 days..and says..

what are you doing..

playing angry birds..i have writers block..

youve been sleeping on the keyboard again..you have key marks all over your..

stop..im serious..people have come to expect my blog and i dont have crap to say..

well most of what you have to say is crap..


isnt there anything going on in the condo..

not really..


well..someone is getting new floors..

new floors..thats it..

yeah..i think theyre hardwood..

i cant write a blog about hardwood floors..is everyone in there smoking opium..its completely dead..

no its that peace and love thing youve been hawking..

jeeez..i didnt think it would come to this..are you sure everyone hasnt committed mass suicide..you know..put on new sneakers and get ready for the ufo to pick them up..

nope..everyone is ok..just peace and love..

you know i was just in that for the money..you know..the shrine..lillys gift shop..i didnt think it would last..cant you go stir something up..you know leave some nasty notes..send a nasty anonymous email..start a cuss fight..anything..

no..everyone is hell-bent on your peace and love thing..nice job..

weeping mother of the shrine…now i know how woodward and bernstein felt when nixon resigned..at least they got a pulitzer..all my writing is going to do is get me killed..come on..the controllers arent plotting anything..you know board elections are coming up..

nothing..just peace and love..seems you and mahatma changed the condo..

yeah right……….damn writers block…..