condo web site

by lillythehtcat

i keep hearing this criticism that communications are lacking at the condo..what we need is a residents only section on the condos website.  im sure lilly tv would work a lot better..more people would see it and it would be a lot more entertaining..but nobody has approved lily tv..soooo..i thought i would do the next best out with the web site.  you know..since ive gained all this knowledge running the hard could adding a page to the web site be..i just added the glossary page to the blog myself.  danica and i could knock this out in no time. order to help things along..i went on line and found..


what…the site is not available..the web page has been suspended…are you people kidding…you cant keep a simple web site up and running.

i happen to know there was a lot of work put into the new web site and..i..for one..thought it looked pretty spiffy..a real asset..and now its gone.  deep throat says no one paid the bill for the web service..what..who was in charge of hair lipped here.

lets get this want to improve communications with a residents only section but you cant communicate enough to pay the bill.  i guess complaining is a lot easier than doing.

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web site design..donated by mahatma

cost of web host..51 dollars per year

failing to pay the bill..priceless

this place is hopeless..