by lillythehtcat

i have been pretty elusive..and for good reason..i have even been those non-residents of the condo..formerly known as wonderland..of not really existing…and you know what i really didnt care..the blog is what it it or dont..doesnt matter whether i am a real condo cat or not.

but…the other day a resident..sneakily took my picture with one of those james bond type camera phones..i swear..if i had seen it coming i would have bolted.  the resident..however..emailed me the picture with a nice note and i thought..hey..lets put this who is lilly the cat thing to bed once and for all.

so here i am..the real live..fur..blood and genius beyond compare..

lilly the cat

oh jeez..that car makes me look fat..what paparazzi fanatic took this..i mean..look at this adds at least 2 pounds..and my other side is much more photogenic..i look like the frickin sphinx..color looks off too…id look a lot cuter on a red car..this is why i dont do pictures…crap…

listen…if i hear any snickering out by the pool..there is going to be hell to serious..

hey..wheres deep about a picture of dts old fat ass.


crap..cant believe i posted this..