by lillythehtcat

for those who saw an incomplete version of this paw accidentally hit the publish button while i was editing..oops..sorry.

when the blog started it was primarily a way to continue communicating with the residents of the condo..the controllers were shutting down..through ability to communicate by email.  the consequence is that the blog has many followers who have no association with our condo..we have been read in 17 countries to date..amazing to me as i didnt know there were that many places..i mean..i thought east nashville was a foreign country.

anyway through communication..with some of our outside followers..i realize not everyone completely understands what i am writing about.  i know the about section of the blog helps..but i thought perhaps a glossary of terms and things peculiar to this blog might help some of the non-resident readers who so graciously follow this blog.  so you will  notice in the bar above..a new glossary page..which i will occasionally necessary.  so to save you the energy..we have some lazies here..the following is the..


alice-the 2011-2012 president of the association..see wonderland.

baptismal-the condo pool to be converted to a baptismal as part of the shrine..see shrine.

bucket list-stuff i need..most of which will fit in a bucket.

cheesy bits-one of my favorite people snacks.

chippies-chipmunks..i like to eat them.

condo-the multi-story condominium building in nashville..tennessee..usa..that i have adopted as home..not sure of the wisdom of that decision.

controllers-residents..including plaintiffs..who want to control the way of life at the condo.

deep throat-my inside secret informant..named after the watergate informant.

dell-ol dell-dellmo-saint dellmo-the computer i found in the dumpster that allows me to communicate..shift key and comma key dont caps..commas..etc.

foo foo dogs-any pampered mutt that yaps instead of barking.

ghandi letter-the letter to all residents that brought peace and love to the condo.  see appendix for the letter.

gopo-grumpy old plaintiff one..see plaintiff.

kill lill committee-the group that wanted me silenced.

king of hearts-plaintiff one..see plaintiff..gopo.

kool aide-propaganda.

law suit-the law suit brought by obtain the private information..of residents..contained in the associations financial reports..access to private information was denied.

lillys gift shop-my enterprise to make money at the shrine..see shrine.

lilly tv-my brilliant idea for communication and be installed in the condo lobby.

mahatma prez-2011-2012 association president..aka of the ghandi letter.

miracle-the transformation of the vitriolic atmosphere of the peace and love.. after the publication of the ghandi letter..see appendix.

monkey minds-the primitive..childish like..brain process that seems to control the residents of the condo.

orwell award-award i give when a resident comes up with some nit-wit idea to control the rest of the residents.

parking garage-two story condo parking structure that provides me shelter.

plaintiff– one of two residents who sued the condo association..summer of 2011..because they wanted to see the private information of the other residents..contained in one of the financial reports.

pollyannas-residents who claim not to read the blog because it is politically incorrect..they read in secret.

queen of hearts-plaintiff two..see plaintiff.

shrine-the scheme to make money off of the miracle..see miracle.

site of the miracle at wonderland-see shrine.

witches-group doing the bidding of the controllers..see controllers..ref. macbeth..act iv..scene i.

woodstock-my term for the condo after the miracle..see miracle.

wonderland-my original name for the condo since the antics therein resembled alice in wonderland.

the appendix is contained on the actual glossary page..for your viewing.

i will update the glossary as necessary..but if there is something you dont understand please leave a comment and i can clarify as well as update the glossary.

thank all of you who take the time to read this blog.

thank you..