secret service

by lillythehtcat

got an email from the united states secret service

and the nsa

seems they dont have a sense of humor..said they were reviewing my

saint dellmo blog

for unamerican activities..said they could have me deported.. cant send illegal aliens back home but your going to deport where..the park.

anyway they both said i should cooperate..and provide them with more information about myself..what is there to a condo cat..they have my email address..what else is there….

and then i remembered..

the ol dell..saint dellmo..had all kinds of info on the hard drive when i found i went back and found….old financial reports..with the private stuff..all that stuff the plaintiffs wanted when they sued the association.

sooooo..i gave them the private stuff.  as i heard someone at the pool say one time..karma is a bitch.

if you get a call..or email..from the government..good luck.


now..where the heck is deep throat..