saint dellmo

by lillythehtcat

couldnt sleep last night..storms kept me im online again..reading the news…i know..i know..i said i would stop..but anyway..i read where russian bombers had violated united states air it 1962..i thought i was in some kind of time warp..nope..this year..this month..and russias president putin says the west is in decline. 

meanwhile..our president is out saying..i..i..i..wo..wo..wont raise ta..ta..taxes..i would probably stutter too if wily old putin was looking at me like i was the new guy in a prison yard.

sounds like we are going to be paying taxes in rubles.  i mean..seriously..i dont care who you voted for..look at those pictures and tell me they dont scare the crap out of you.

anyway..where was i..oh..saint im sitting there reading..12.17 am..when the sky lights up like the fourth of july in san diego..and i think..sweet site of the miracle shrine..the rooskies have nuked the loveless..home of american will only be another millisecond before the shock wave flattens the parking garage and turns everything to toast.

in that space where time is standing still..i felt all the molecules of air start to charge up and my fur begin to stand up straight…


it was at the same instant that the old dell started to glow..could have had something to do with the fact that both the dell and my butt were sitting on the damp concrete..anyway the dell starts glowing like saint elmos  fire. if this blog makes it out..i guess its still working..

saint dellmo

im thinking..whoa..another religious the site of the miracle shrine. we can add the dell as another stop on the miracle tour..and when lillys gift shop starts making some money i can buy one of those appley computers…you know what would be cool..i could get one of those stephen hawking has on his wheel chair..then i could talk to you people..whoa..

deep throat just came by and said..what storm.

gotta go sleep.